Villari's Martial Arts Centers of Syracuse

America's Martial Arts Professionals – Celebrating 50 years of empowering people across North America

Welcome to Villari’s Self Defense Centers of North Syracuse

At Villari’s, we teach practical, real-world self defense that anyone can master, increasing your self-confidence & fitness. Generations of people from across North America have learned martial arts & self defense with us, why shouldn’t you?  We teach martial arts the way they were meant to be taught: small group training that is personal, and empowering. Experience our world famous, proven curriculum in our unique personal training environment, offered nowhere else!

We also teach modern defensive disciplines to include Tactical Edged Weapons (knife fighting), Villari Personal Protection (defensive tactics), Active Shooter Response and Threat Assessment for organizations, and will offer Firearms Instruction shortly.

Men, women, children of all ages are welcomed at our schools. Adults and child classes are separate and taught a curriculum which is targeted toward their age & experience.

No Contracts!  At Villari’s, we believe our training speaks for itself and you stay because you love it!

Celebrate our 50th Anniversary with a FREE MONTH of any of our programs!

Empower Yourself in 2018!

mar_2018_adExperience our VPP training and build confidence, cardio, and awareness to never become a victim. Adult only self defense training from THE pioneers of the industry for 50 years! It’s fun, healthy, and eye opening. Call today, only $79/month, no uniforms, no contracts.


Celebrate our 50th Anniversary with a FREE MONTH of any of our programs!

Empower yourself in 2018 with America’s Martial Arts Professionals! Choose our world famous martial arts programs, our proven personal protection program, or the challenge of tactical edged weapons fighting. Experience the Villari’s advantage with a curriculum and personalized training experience found nowhere else! Visit our Facebook Page for the most up-to-date information, or call us at 315-427-8459.

Our Mission is to provide every man, woman, and child
the highest quality martial arts training, so that they become
empowered to live richer, more rewarding and meaningful lives,
and in so doing contribute to a stronger community.
– Great Grandmaster Fred Villari

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